Free spins

free spinsYou may have found here because you have read about a kind of phenomenon called free spins. If so, you've found quite right, because we're going to explain quite a lot in this article just what these funny turns mean. These spins also come under other names such as Free Spins, No Deposit Free Spins, Free Spins Without Sales. In this "jungle of information" (aka internet) it may be difficult to know which direction to look for or which spins are the best.

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Are all free spins alike?

No, they are not. Clearly there is a difference between all these, but they are about the same thing. You get a small "gift" of the online casino you have chosen. How to get this gift differs depending on which online casino you have chosen. Viewing casino online is very generous, while others make it harder to win a slight turn by placing bigger sales demands.

However, you do not have to worry because we will take a look at most free spins you will encounter in the online casinos industry. Do you read this on a Sunday evening, relax on the couch with a cup of tea, and in case it's a Monday, sit back in your favorite chair knowing that Tuesday morning is still far from.

Free Spins explanation

When you begin to talk about the concept itself, we should mention that there is a common red thread through all the names we have mentioned. Free as in English means free and spins which means spinning. If you put together the two, we now know that it's free spin.

As mentioned above, you will certainly be offered these in case you want to register at a casino online. As a customer, you often receive a kind of welcome pack. In this, it may be a combination, such as "little money to play" for plus "little free spins". How many you get will be on the terms before signing up.

There are bonuses where you also get either, but you should always think about choosing a welcome bonus where the turnover requirements are lower. In case there are any such, ie. In case there is not-then you have found a really good deal! In this case, it will certainly be free spins without sales requirements, or no deposit free spins.

Free spins without sales requirements

These are really great because they mean you would use you out of these and get a little slant, you can easily take out the money without the need for any sales.

In other words, what you win-you get home. They can usually occur in a welcome pack, but sometimes as part of a loyalty program or you can "win" them by playing a game. They are very common in case you play slot machines. In addition, you can get them by a casino to launch a new castle. If so, you get these to test the game.

Important to consider:  They are usually "tied" at a specific game or more. Which means you may not be able to use them on just any game you want.

No deposit free spins

Here is a variation that is also very good. For those who want to play on a online casino, there is a chance to get a free hit where you do not have to bring your own money. These spins differ from those below (with deposit requirements) because you do not need to play with your own money to take advantage of the offer.

Usually they get these in the context of becoming a new customer. Most commonly, the requirement is that you have not been a customer before. What other terms and conditions apply vary from one online casino to another. However, visas may have sales requirements "tied" to this form. Others not. Therefore, one should always compare to find a good alternative.

With deposit requirements

Just as above, free spins with deposit requirements can be an offer in the form of a welcome pack, or maybe a promotion. Should you wish to take advantage of this offer, you should know that a deposit is required to use these free spins. The amount of deposit is also variable. But it can be a little money, like $ 100.

Percent match:

Here, too, there is a kind of "match" by percentage, of the online casino. Then you come across this form, you will know what it is. Such as; You get an offer stating that you get  25 free spins + up to 100 percent up to $ 100 .

In this case, it would mean that you have to deposit $ 100 to get the 25 freezes. And then the casino will "bid" you for an additional $ 100 that you can play for.

It should be noted  that all online casinos are not as generous; visas can only offer 50 percent. Just remember to always look at the terms before. Because even if a "percentage bonus" is generous, sales requirements may be too large.

Therefore, it may sometimes be a better idea to take a little less "bonus", but still have a chance to actually take out any winnings. We also recommend all our readers to make small deposits and always play responsibly.

How do turnover requirements work?

It is very common for free spins to have sales requirements. So, say you have chosen an offer and have free spins in your game account. You also managed to win a small sum (congratulations!). But it's now where it can be a bit difficult-you have to translate these bonus money to take them out.

Turnover requirements can be both high and slightly lower, but many will range between 25 times up to 35. Now you need to trade and play for that sum either 25 or 35 times.

Visa online casinos have far too high sales requirements such as 50 times. Therefore, it is always good to look at all the terms before accepting an offer.

Many online casinos offer welcome bonuses a lot of times; so do not feel stressed. For example, have you found a casino online that you would like to test but they do not have a good offer right now, you can always wait a while. There may be a chance that their sales requirements will be lowered in the future.


With many different variants on free spins, it may be a little bit difficult to know what rules apply to any offer. Therefore, it is always good to compare several casinos online before deciding on one. Freezes are very popular and are given in a range of welcome bonuses, various offers (like testing a new game), through loyalty programs, and for various promotions.

Knowing which free spins do not need our hard with our information article. Therefore, look around and read this several times. In this way you will be able to realistically look at all the offers out there. Just remember to always play responsibly. Good luck!