Live casino

live casinoFor those who have been a fan of land based casino, there may have been something missing in the online casino world. It can be anything from real dealers, being able to hang out and talk with their fellow players, feeling the excitement when parts draw the cards. But the one who has decided to take the step away from the physical casino world, there is good news.

In case you have not already heard, it has been very popular for many years to play live casino online. With many online casinos that have begun to hit the big trend, you can already play your favorite table game today without having to leave the living room. As well, without compromising on all the great benefits usually found in an authentic casino. With live casino you get a lot of the same right in your couch!

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What is live casino?

Just as you play games in a land based casino, you can now play live casino at a casino. Casino online has been around for about two decades, with this development growing great for just live casino, where you as a player can play different games with real dealers.

The best thing about this is that you do not even have to leave your living room. You also have the opportunity to chat often with other players as well as dealers. In other words, there is a lot of the spirit of the real casino world inside live casino.

What games are there?

There are many games to choose from, but perhaps the most famous are Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and Baccarat. There are many variations with each of these, and you can only expect more over time.

Each online casino usually has a number (or huge) as they have "inside" their live casino (all do not have live casino) , because the one who wants to play should make a comparison among the different. In this way you can be sure that just the one you like most is in the online casino you have chosen.

A selection of live casino games:

  • Hold `em Poker (Ultimate)
  • Live Roulette
  • Reel King Roulette
  • Black jack
  • VIP Black Jack
  • Speed ​​Baccarat
  • American Roulette
  • Golden Ball
  • Caribbean Stud Poker

How do you play?

Once you have decided to play live casino, tap the game you want to play. Then you connect directly (via a webcam) to just the table where the game is in progress. The experience itself reminds a lot about a land based casino, in that you are and play in "live broadcast" so to speak.

The real dealers are usually available in chat rooms, where you can answer your questions. As mentioned above, variations in game availability will vary depending on which online casino you have chosen, but we thought to go through two of the most common ones:


This is a more advanced game than any other. It is played with everything from a deck to up to 8 pieces. In Blackjack, you play against the dealer and not the other players. The game is based on the fact that your hand is better than the dealer's. It must also not exceed the total of 21.

Several rounds are played and each time the dealer draws the different cards. You can choose either to get one or more of the dealer at any time, or to keep the cards already in hand. Do you get cards that have a total of 21, you lose.


This game is played on a "trip" and can either be at a game table or a wheel. Both are called: Roulette tables; Roulette wheel. At a wheel, you decide how much you want to bet and then put your playing fields. In other words, you should bet on a section or more. Then the dealer spins the wheel. There is a metal ball, which rolls around the wheel and you want to hope that it ends up just the field you have invested.

Best live casino game developer

There are many good game developers behind the table games. With more and more online casinos hitting this trend with live casino, there will certainly be even more variations on the usual table games coming soon.

Some of the best game developers:

Evolution Gaming - Since its inception in 2006, this company has gone from success to success. Today they have many great games to offer anyone who likes online casino. As they play live casino, they have multi-table games, where you as a player can choose to play at multiple tables at the same time. Roulette in all its forms is included. At present, Evolution Gaming plays many of its competitors with just the number of live dealers they have-800 plus.

Microgaming - As the first game maker in the online casino world, this giant has grown enormously. Their first live casino game was Baccarat and was launched in 2006. There is a lot to choose from, and you can play multiplayer games, Roulette, Casino Hold 'em Poker and Blackjack.

There is also live game where you can play and there Playboy Rabbit is your dealer. For two years back, this cool company has also developed Virtual Reality games , where you can put on a pair of special glasses and thus enter into the virtual world with your dealer.

NetEnt - The company has been active since 1996, but it was not until 2013 that they launched the first "live casino" game. Since then, they have grown a lot and today it offers everything from Roulette, VIP Blackjack and Blackjack and several others.

Extreme Live Gaming - The company based on Extreme Live Gaming is a German company named Novomatic. They have been around since 2013 and have grown enormously for only a couple of years. They offer a lot of table games including Gold Ball Roulette.

Benefits to you

All you need to get started is to register with a online casino. With a regular laptop (or mobile and mobile), you can easily get started. It should be noted that live casino is not offered on all online casinos via mobile or tablet, but there are those who offer it as well. There are good benefits of playing live casino and below we have developed a small list for those who are curious.

Get started right away. As mentioned earlier all you need is internet and a device such as your computer, tablet or smartphone. Then you can register and start playing.

Live broadcast. Everything happens "live" with a webcam that is directly connected to the table you have chosen to play at. Under the benefits here, you're in the "action" from the beginning and ending. You can also see dealers and chat with both your fellow players and part-time players throughout the game.

Determine efforts yourself. There are those games or tables where you can choose which one you want to play at. For example; You can decide if you think it's so good to play just at a " high risk table " or instead choose a game where efforts are small. Through these choices, you will be able to better track your finances, as well as limit how much you are ready to lose.

Gives you an "authentic" feeling. Clearly, this is one of the best benefits. You can experience an exciting moment right in your own living room. Many online casinos have cool variations in which the game experience is top notch; for example VIP Black Jack with many more.


As the world is taking on new trends in technology, the casino online industry has watched. Already today, whoever wants to play live casino with an authentic feeling, as if you were at a physical casino. There are many variations of the usual table games to choose from, and it's good to look around and compare before signing up.

With games like Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette, all fans can play directly in their laptop but real dealers. Being able to participate in "action" all the way and communicate with both their fellow players and dealers makes the live casino a real fun experience.