Mobile casinos

mobile casinoYou may have wondered what mobile casino is for something? In case it's like a regular online casino? It's just like a regular online casino, the only difference is that you can play it without sitting at your computer. As more online casinos start offering mobile solutions to their customers, in recent years, we've seen both world-class apps and versions where you can easily play directly on your mobile browser.

Most often, the quality is the same as in a regular casino online, but you also get the flexibility to play for example slots or live casino in case you are on the go. There really is not as much as you need to get started, in addition to internet connection and the mobile device you usually use to call.

Sweden's best mobile casinos

Mobiles and ease of use

There are currently apps you can download and get started with as little as five minutes. Most apps work for all mobile phones out there, such as Android, Samsung, iPhone and iPad. All you need to do is download the exact version you need. Most of today's games customized for the mobile are developed in HTML-5, and therefore you will not be able to use your mobile to play in iOS, for example.

For mobile versions, it's as easy as clicking on the online casino version of your browser, log in and you're up and running. The difference to playing mobile casino against a regular online casino is that the screen is a bit smaller than the one your computer has. Therefore (firmly adapted), any game may not be found directly on the first page, but you need to enter different categories. Apps are often very well done and have great ease of use. Pages are often loaded fast and the design is usually as good as on the online casino website.

The history of the 90's

The first mobile game came in 1997. It was made for a special mobile phone, the Nokia 6610. The game was called "Snake". In case you were lucky to own a mobile at that time, maybe you will remember that the games that were there were those who actually brought the mobile. In other words, one could not be spoiled like today and buy a separate game. You got what you got.

All games what already installed. 2001, however, came a change that made the world never again the same. A year after the millennium began, the first WAP game (Wireless Application Protocol) was launched, which enabled downloading the game while online online!

Java MP came in the same vein and then action games were offered in full. Six years later (2007), however, it was the first time an app was developed. The Apple App Store wanted to develop an iPhone app game, and they got it through close collaboration with some of the best game developers.

What was really good is that Apple allowed the game developers themselves to sell directly to customers. Google was quick to check on the trend and with the release of their mobile phone Android, they had also opened an app store, Android Market. Today, this is called Google Play.

Casino app game developer

There are many good game developers who keep the top list when it comes to online casinos today. However, everyone has not specialized in mobile games with. There are, on the other hand, those who seem to have succeeded with both and make mobile-friendly games today that you can admire. These you can read about below.

NetEnt - Though this giant has not always been leading (Microgaming was a big deal), with their launch of Net Entertainment Touch , they have managed to get many fans around the world. Perhaps the remarkable thing is that NetEnt (Net Entertainment) is a UK company. Therefore, most people who play mobile casino in Sweden are excited about this giant. Many great games to choose from, they have, just for those cool iPhones (including other mobile and tabletop). Why they are so popular are just that the quality is great. User-friendliness is at the top with both cool graphics and fast landings.

Microgaming - This giant is in the heels of NetEnt and works as fast as it is only possible to customize most of their games. Some of their popular games to play in mobile casino are Exalibur, Thunderstruck II and Avalon II. They have also developed their own "touch" (such as NetEnt) and it's called Microgaming Go. We believe that over time, Microgaming and NetEnt will only continue to compete for the first place, as both game developers are really good at what they do.

Playtech - This game developer is growing enormously and has already invested in much of the innovative in mobile games. Perhaps the most famous right now is their 3D slots that are developed especially for mobile casino. The game is called 3D Betsoft.

Play n GO - Although firm, still known in the industry for their casino online games, this company has a lot to take over when compared to the others. But they have a great ambition and it is evident with their bets on games that are developed especially for mobile versions of casinon online.

Benefits of mobile casino

There are a lot of benefits to playing at mobile casino. Have you never tested it, you might wonder who these are. As a result, we have made a small list where you can view these in simple format. We hope you find it useful and afterwards you will be able to understand more about the use.

Bring your casino online. This is clearly one of the biggest benefits. In other words, you do not have to sit home on the couch and play when you can just take a cup of coffee down on the couch. Or, why not when you're waiting for the bus? Bringing the casino to your mobile allows you to easily connect to your favorite slot (or other game) when you have some extra time.

It does not have to cost extra. By that we mean that all you need is internet. If you currently have a mobile subscription or even a prepaid card, you certainly have a lot of "free" WIFI, and you can easily play your mobile directly. If you do not have free internet, there are many hotspots you can use, for example, when you're in the queue for McDonald, or ICA.

Ease of use.   Since most games are really customized just for your mobile, you will certainly not feel like "missing something" by playing on your mobile. Most of the time you will be able to use your entire screen to see the game. It makes it easy to navigate as well, by usually better writing customized just for your mobile. The categories are often easy to get through.

Better on the economy. In taking that step (playing mobile casino), it may be easier for you to actually see how much you spend. Often you can see your game history directly in your phone.

Responsible game.   By being able to hook up online casinos quickly and easily, it can also be easier to be honest how much you really play. Here at the editorial board, we always recommend responsible gaming and wish our readers to play online as just a pleasure. Nothing more than that-that everyone will always feel good.

Mobile casino free spins without deposit

By signing up at a online casino to either download their app or play directly on your mobile phone, there are usually many nice bonuses to download. For those of you who are new customers, it is good to compare different welcome bonuses because they can differ a lot from one online casino to another. Bonuses you can encounter are mobile casino free spins without deposit (we recommend these warm hearted!). Why? Because it is a "risk-free" way to test at the casino and see if you like their game offerings as well as read about different terms and conditions.

There are many other great deals both in combination with a small slant and free spins, but you should always read about different sales requirements before stopping. These may vary too, but the best is to look for those who do not have such high turnover requirements. It will make it easier for you to withdraw any winnings.

Payment methods in the mobile phone

Just like a online casino, it's usually the version directly in your mobile (or different apps), the ability for you to use deposits and withdrawals directly on your mobile. It is worth noting that all casinos online do not offer this choice. You may encounter online casinos where you have to manage your money through your computer, but can only play on your mobile. Therefore, best to check before.

The online casinos that offer the ability to make deposits directly on the mobile phone will often have the most common payment methods, such as VISA, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Paypal, Trustly, Skrill and Neteller. But as said, not everybody has it. Simply read the website before you decide on an app, so you know what's going on. If you do not find the information you need, you can always turn to the support.